Employee expense management process

Gráfico funcionalidades
  • Workflow of available invoices 
  • Administrative/accounting services
  • Compatible with any ERP/accounting system
  • Quick setup  < 1 week
  • 0€ Investment
  • Variable cost per expense note
What´s easyap Employees
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Aplicación web
Web application so that employees can start the process whenever and where ever fro any device with internet connection
Garantía de cumplimiento
Guarantees compliance with internal expenses policy, control conducted by application with employees' knowledge
Circuito de aprobación de gastos parametrizado y acorde a las normas internas
Expense approval circuit parameterized and compliant with internal rules 
Circuito extendido con la integración de agencia de viaje, pre aprobación y estados de auditoria
Extended circuit with the integration of travel agency, pre-approval and auditing states
Información on-line a los empleados para que puedan conocer en todo momento el estado de sus documentos
Information online for employees so that they can find out the state of their documents at any time
Incorporación de los movimientos de tarjetas de crédito corporativa, gastos registrados y conciliación de tarjetas
Incorporation of company credit card movements, registered costs and card reconciliation 
Contabilización automatizada de los gastos en sistema contable: imputaciones a cuentas, centros de coste, proyectos...
Automatic accounting of expenses in the accounting system: allocation to different accounts, cost centers, projects...
Posibilidad de realización de remesas de pago conforme a normativa bancaria actualizada
Possibility to carry out payment remittances in accordance with the current banking rules

Find out how easyap employees

Will allow you to efficiently process your company's employee expenses.

With a circuit adaptable to each need, which covers the complete cycle from trip application to its accounting, including the phases of auditing and approval.

More than 15 years experience in electronic invoicing


Since 2001 easyap has provided services in electronic invoicing and accounts payable, to companies in different sectors (industrial goods sector, automotive sector, telecommunications sector, distribution sector, industrial sector, banking sector, food sector, finacial sector, tourism sector, marketing/publicity sector, HR sector) whose projects have taken place within the outsourcing of the services of invoice processing and fraud detection and prevention.

All of them share the characteristic of being in variable cost scheme, paying only for document processed and not requiring any investment in technology, on the part of the client, for its automation or improvement (SaaS).

The auditing and control processes implemented allow the certification of improvements and produce savings of around 25% in less than 5 months.

Easyap has projects in Spain, Europe, North America and South America in both multinationals and local small and medium companies.